It started off as oh look a mushroom to wow more mushrooms ending in two weeks of studying mushrooms in my local area. I took photos of all of them, most are posted on my instragram. But I thought I would share a few on here too. I am astounded by the variety I came across once I started to keep my eye out. Spending time in nature has reawakened my perspective, I can see far more now, beyond the trees you could say, I have noticed small bugs, tiny ferns, the odd lingering spider to the different smells at different times of day. I felt like I suddenly became aware and fascinated by all of the mushrooms in particular. I went not more that twenty feet from my house (I don’t live in a country village) before finding a specimen. I went as far as a three mile radius and found 16 different types.

IMG_0832 IMG_0835

IMG_0894 IMG_0899