So, where to begin, my last post was reflective, I considered what elements gave me inspiration and I felt that it came from my students. Now after a successful uptake of learners for the Autumn term 2016 and enough again for Spring 2017 classes to run, I can say with absolute confidence that I was right. My inspiration and my energy comes from my students and my teaching practice.

I did some redesigning and developing of the course structure, thinking up new and more active ways to teach photography whilst retaining the mechanical elements and also building up their confidence and their creativity. This Spring term is so far the most successful scheme of work and it really gets me excited. I really love the creative play I have brought in alongside maintaining the techie and theoretical side of the subject. I can remember what it was like learning photography, way back when, and how terribly dry it was. I feel like the approaches I am developing really work for these types of classes and am now considering how it could work in a shorter course, outside of the institution, to give people a taste of this experience. Again, geeky excitement at the thought of more lesson development. I feel like ‘watch this space’ is relevant.