Welcome to my online journal.

I like to record, share and discuss outings, finds, images and ideas and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for someone looking for an idea.

I have spent the last five years facilitating photography. My practice began in an architectural context where I enjoyed studying interior spaces, absent of their inhabitants but looking closely at the characteristics that make a room a home. Somewhere along the line, during my time teaching I began to feel like there was something missing from modern photographic education. New media technologies I feel have somewhat made our world smaller when I’m sure the intention was to connect people and promote exploration. This has filtered down into education and thus I now focus my own practice on the benefits of cross curricular practices between the arts and the outdoors. I currently work at an outdoor activity centre which works with young people across Cornwall, it’s fed me with outdoor education ideas that I am personally trying to develop into a art based practice. I also run a walking work shop, please visit thecitywalkworkshop.wordpress.com and I also on and off again teach photography in the evenings.

ENJOY          x

For information on images, illustration or paint work please contact me on