It’s has been ages since I last posted anything. It has been a whirlwind adventure and a long pause all at the same time. From christmas onwards I have had the greatest pleasure of doing volunteer work working with children and young adults in outdoor and green spaces. It kept me away from my beloved woods which I believe had a profound effect on my health and mental wellbeing. From time spent alone in the woodland space I was beginning to achieve a new viewpoint on my work, a mindfulness than fed into my everyday and a revived love for making my own images rather than facilitating the dreams of other artists. But once back into a facilitative and supporting role I found a raw energy and drive for why I have taken on such a line of enquiry. I miss and enjoyed the slower meditative state that my own work took on but I more so enjoy the fast paced nature of outdoor facilitation. Photography as a subject needs to have more depth, more value. The combination of outdoor, nature education, the benefits from both I believe can enrich the photography curriculum. My work feels very much like piecing a giant cross curricular puzzle together.